Behind the tears: Obama’s sobbing woman may have gotten the last laugh!/gatewaypundit/status/221096082610987010

Yesterday, we told you about Stephanie Miller, the tearful Ohio woman embraced by the president after thanking him for Obamacare. Well, as it turns out, Miller is not exactly everywoman; she is, in fact, @ObamasBestFan.

Jim Hoft, aka the Gateway Pundit, quickly discovered that Miller was not what she seemed. While she did lose her sister to colon cancer, her loss is overshadowed in some respects by her political manipulation.

Not only is she an unabashed Obama sycophant …

Watched Pres. Obama "Slow Jam the News" with Jimmy Kimmel…how much COOLER can our Pres. get?!?! Jimmy too!

— Stephanie Miller (@obamasbestfan) April 25, 2012

… but she also seems to have a disturbing fixation with violence and the GOP.

I'll be like Pres. Obama any day rather than those GOP test tube projects gone wrong they are why ABORTION is legal!!

— Stephanie Miller (@obamasbestfan) February 28, 2012

Has the GOP all drank the kool aid??? Too bad it wasn't the Jim Jones special!!!

— Stephanie Miller (@obamasbestfan) March 9, 2012

If there ever was a valid def. why women need birth control & legalized abortion it would b ROMNEY, SANTORIUM, GINGRINCH, PAUL, & LIMBAUGH!!

— Stephanie Miller (@obamasbestfan) March 9, 2012

@billmaher both of their father's should have pulled out lol

— Stephanie Miller (@obamasbestfan) March 14, 2012

Yesterday, Miller came off as a sympathetic, albeit naïve and misinformed, woman. But now that these new details have emerged, the feeling she arouses is less one of sympathy and more one of skepticism. Miller, with her Obama-fawnage and obvious hostility toward conservatives, fits the mold of a perfect Obama campaign event plant. Was she put in the president's hug path by his staff? We can't say for sure. Perhaps Politico will investigate.


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