Black (and blue) Friday: Shoppers report traditional post-Thanksgiving fistfights!/AbbieEdwards30/status/271921526289358848

Black Friday got its earliest start ever this year. In what has become an annual tradition the day after Thanksgiving, some shoppers were ready to score discount electronics by any means necessary. Those braving the Black Friday sales tweeted on-scene reports of fistfights at the nation's retail stores.

How's this for the holiday spirit?

This lady got punched in the face at Best Buy holyshit crazy ass Black Friday shoppers

— ⚡Panat C⚡ (@_Panat_) November 23, 2012

Damn, #WestRoads got crazy this year… there was like a 5 vs. 5 group fight!

— ★Ivan★ (@_Jets_) November 23, 2012


— TeezyKeezy® (@TristaaaaannK) November 23, 2012

Small fight at Walmart in North Olmsted. Shopping still continues and long lines. Police are on the scene.#ohblackfriday

— Jenn Strathman (@JennStrathman) November 23, 2012

I just saw some lady get punched in the face at Best Buy.

— Derek Bytheway(@derekbtw) November 23, 2012

@wbirabby An then a fight broke out over a game and the entire game display fell over and the police arrested some people….#WALMART

— Whitney(@Just_Whitney_) November 23, 2012

This guy at best buy got mad this guy got the last laptop, so he punched the dude and knocked him out.. Seriously.

— Taylor Rogers (@TayyRogers) November 23, 2012

Big ass fight broke out in the best buy parking lot. l hope somebody recorded it and uploads it to worldstar! 😆😂😭

— Terrence (@tyon305) November 23, 2012

LMFAO @gehardon just broke a shelf at Walmart trying to stand on it to see a fight on the other side, over a pillow pet. #mynightsmade

— Nathali(@Naathaaali) November 23, 2012

Just punched an old man that tackled me. Ohhh the joy of Black Friday shopping

— Nanette Cole (@nanettecole) November 23, 2012

Tackled … at Victoria's Secret?

@_itzshowtime I would just like to clarify it was at Victoria secret. Fuck him I was so mad!

— Nanette Cole (@nanettecole) November 23, 2012

A fight broke out at best buy!!!

— Ozzy Baldazo(@Ozzbalddd) November 23, 2012

There was a fight and an arrest at best buy! Lol

— Allen Sinn (@vSiNN_) November 23, 2012

@jondelano same thing happened at Best Buy in Cranberry when I was in line. Kids took vouchers and started selling high. Only 1 fight though

— Douglas Derda (@douglasderda) November 23, 2012

Fight at JC Penny damn!!! #ayyoo

— morgannnn. (@morganstrzok) November 23, 2012

Wow crazy black Friday sale at Walmart someone stole my mom's car keys, my roommate got punched while getting her tv crazy crazy people

— Dakota M. Dynes (@Blue199109) November 23, 2012

Fist fight in Walmart and the power went out at Target.#BlackFriday is complete

— Sara Bremer (@sbremer84) November 23, 2012

Just saw a fight at Walmart over cuttingin line for a tv! So mad I didn't record it! #BlackFriday

— Timani Taylor (@MizzTimmyTay) November 23, 2012

Some “shoppers” were a lot more interested in face-busters than door-busters.

I wanna go to the mall to get into a fight not even to buy shit..

— Phil Caivano (@Phil_Caivano) November 23, 2012

The goal tonight while Black Friday shopping is too get in a fight with someone, I wanna be in the news

— Priscilla Agudelo(@priscilla_agu) November 23, 2012

Others figured they could save on the cost of a pay-per-view fight.

@hellie1014 lol I wanna go see people get pepper sprayed at best buy 🙁 LOL

— a l e . . .(@aa_alex_xx) November 23, 2012

This better be worth it. I better see screaming customers. I better see a fight or something.

— Cristin Groetken (@crazycristinn) November 23, 2012

I am not ready to face all these Black Friday shoppers all day long. But, I do hope I see a fight. Those are so funny

— Kendra(: (@kendra_FTBS) November 23, 2012

If i do not see a fight tonight at the mall im gonna be sooo pissed!!! #blackfriday

— Elena Kelley (@ElenaHasSwagger) November 23, 2012

Note to mall-goers: there's a smarter way to check items off your Christmas shopping list:

I'll be shopping today….at home….online….in my pajamas. Those of you actually fighting crowds I have only one thing to say: Suckas!

— Little Miss Rightie (@LilMissRightie) November 23, 2012

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