Chris Brown fans express adoration!/KatzMoney/status/188708020673445890

Fans of Chris Brown took to Twitter to express their support and ‘adoration' of him, and those who do not seem to care for the singer also weighed in.

RT “@NotBillWalton: 'We Adore Chris Brown' is trending on Twitter. No one told me it was opposite day again.”

— Childish GamBRIno ♠️ (@king_briaaaa) April 7, 2012

"We Adore Chris Brown" is trending. There are too many 'punch' lines…

— The Dark Lord (@Lord_Voldemort7) April 7, 2012

We Adore Chris Brown – Might as well trend 'We adore domestic abuse' while you're at it.

— Luke Brown (@gr4sshopp3r) April 7, 2012

Incredible that We Adore Chris Brown is trending!! So you adore a man who physically beats a woman? #theworldisfullofidiots

— coolcounterculture (@coolcountercult) April 7, 2012!/Gway1991/status/188709288800301057

We Adore Chris Brown and next time he should hit RiRi harder !!

— Kiasha Pillai ♥ (@kiasha_messi10) April 7, 2012!/Rebeccalister90/status/188708398315995136

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