Christine O’Donnell gets chummy with her friend Bill Maher!/ChristineOD/status/244284403277262849

O'Donnell taped Maher's show, “Real Time,” today and took to Twitter to tout her friendship with the misogynist “comedian.”

We've never really understood why some conservatives are drawn to Maher.

In case anyone has forgotten, here are just a few of Maher's tweets in recent months:

#MittRomney u fucking loser, pack it in, when Black Elvis gets jiggy with his teleprompter ur dead meat

— Bill Maher (@billmaher) September 7, 2012

Rt wingers luv to tout American Exceptionalism – today is a reminder that so many of the things that make us exceptional these days are bad

— Bill Maher (@billmaher) July 20, 2012

I c the Tea People who drifted back to the attic to have sex with their half sisters after winning 2010 r back calling Obama foreign – jeez

— Bill Maher (@billmaher) July 18, 2012

Man, if #NewtGingrich was any more of an asshole #RickSantorum wld have to pray for the strength not to fuck him

— Bill Maher (@billmaher) March 14, 2012

Toothless Tuesday too tight to tally! We're gathered around the magic picture box with a bowl of grits watching the returns come in!

— Bill Maher (@billmaher) March 14, 2012

As #NewtGringrich was blabbering on tonight, Calista had a look on her face like 'just once I'd like to shove something in HIS mouth'

— Bill Maher (@billmaher) February 23, 2012

Half of me sees #RickSantorum and says, bring it on, he cld never win! Other half says, Fuck, I don't put anything past this stupid country

— Bill Maher (@billmaher) February 21, 2012

Did u see #Michele Bachmann on Leno last night? O lordy! Apparently she picked up the endorsement of cervical cancer

— Bill Maher (@billmaher) September 18, 2011

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