Classless: ABC’s Terry Moran uses McGovern’s death to slam Fox, Brit Hume!/TerryMoran/status/260015601005776896

What a disgraceful, petty, little man you are, “real journalist” Terry Moran. Senator George McGovern died today. People from across the political spectrum expressed grief and honored his passing.

I'm sad to hear that fmr Sen George McGovern has died. He was a WWII hero, a good man, & my debating partner & friend.I will miss him. RIP.

— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) October 21, 2012

George McGovern – always a gentleman and an outstanding member of the Greatest Generation. RIP.

— John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) October 21, 2012

RIP, George McGovern, a decent and happy man who lived his values.

— David Corn (@DavidCornDC) October 21, 2012

George McGovern – progressive lion, decorated veteran, champion of peace:RIP

— Jennifer Granholm (@JenGranholm) October 21, 2012

Apparently, decency isn't a trait of Mr. Moran's. The petty “real journalist” had to slam Brit Hume, and Fox News, for this tweet:

George McGovern: a man who had opponents but not enemies, a gentle and gracious soul. RIP

— Brit Hume (@brithume) October 21, 2012

Twitter users rightly call out the disgrace that is known as Terry Moran.

@terrymoran you watching @foxnews this morning?Just showered praise on the man. Wanna try again? @jmartpolitico @brithume

— Sister Toldjah (@sistertoldjah) October 21, 2012

@jmartpolitico @brithume BS Fox would've been fair. Much fairer than the MSM has ever been to conservatives @terrymoran << Asshat

— Wayne Austin (@WaynesterAtl) October 21, 2012

@musicgirl77 @terrymoran @brithume Turn on Fox now Terry, they are honoring him with the respect due a great American. You are being foolish

— Mike H. II (@DogTrainingU) October 21, 2012

@terrymoran @jmartpolitico @brithume unneccessary Brit Hume who is a class act and top notch journalist deserves more respect than that

— poppyc (@poppyco4) October 21, 2012

Shame on you “@terrymoran: Fox would've trashed him RT @brithume: McGovern: a man who had opponents but not enemies,a gentle/gracious soul.”

— Scotty Strickland (@musicgirl77) October 21, 2012

@jpodhoretz @terrymoran @jmartpolitico @brithume youare correct. Low class to use death of someone to make a point..unprofessional.

— poppyc (@poppyco4) October 21, 2012

@terrymoran Way to be intellectually lazy re: “Fox would have… ” Have an example?

— David Swagler (@DaveInCO) October 21, 2012

Thanks so much for clarifying why I'll NEVER watch Nightline again. RT @terrymoran: Fox would've trashed him.

— John D. Long (@JD_Long) October 21, 2012

Necessary to get nasty? @terrymoran Fox would've trashed him. @brithume:McGovern: man who had opponents not enemies,a gentlegracious soul.

— sarainitaly (@sarainitaly) October 21, 2012

Bias liberal jackass—-&gt; @terrymoran: Fox would've trashed him. @jmartpolitico: RT (cont)

— Mic (@kmgriner) October 21, 2012

@terrymoran @jmartpolitico @brithume Pretty classy Terry, make passing of George McGovern about your hate of Fox News #realjournalism

— Ben Bollman (@rockinranger81) October 21, 2012

A media lapdog once again attempting to politicize a death. Is that what “real journalism” is these days? Dancing on graves in a pitiful attempt to score points?


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