Doh! CNN’s John King says Obama is our ‘second African-American president’!/bengreenman/status/293387970742984704

Oh, dear. The relentless and pitiful squeeing by the media today must be causing a lack of oxygen to their (alleged) brains!

Watching Inauguration on CNN, and the announcer just said Obama was US's second African American president.Whaaa?

— song4mozart (@song4mozart) January 21, 2013

Uhhh the CNN reporter said Obama is the second African American president….who was the first ?!?!?

— Karlea B Edwards (@KarleaLynne) January 21, 2013

Which CNN reporter was it? John King, bless his precious heart.

Cnn's John king just called Obama the “second African American president” … Since Clinton was the first, obviously #Inaug2013

— nekesa mumbi moody (@nekesamumbi) January 21, 2013

And John King just called Obama our 2nd African American president…

— Karl (@karlhorberg) January 21, 2013

Twitter users helpfully try to come up with an explanation.

CNN just said “he is our second african american president.” I guess they are counting 2008 and 2012 Obama as 2 entirely different people.

— A (@jam2885) January 21, 2013

“He is our second African-american President.” – CNN. We all know Bill is black at heart but c'mon. #inauguration

— Jonathan M. Giglio (@JonnyMGiglio) January 21, 2013

John King just called Obama our second African American president. Finally Clinton gets his proper recognition.

— John Kohler (@johndkohler) January 21, 2013

Protip for you, John King:

CNN said this is out second African American president… Stick to the script folks.

— kimberly geddie (@kimberlymdg) January 21, 2013


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