Donna Brazile links Newsbusters’ AP bias story as proof of ‘humming’ economy!/THE_DAILY_BLEAT/status/485979475616997376

Donna Brazile welcomes any reason to tout the “success” of Obama administration initiatives, and a Newsbusters story provided that opportunity. Or so she thought:!/donnabrazile/status/485977132217020416

Brazile apparently didn't read the full story, because the Newsbusters post blasted the AP for bias in its report (which is referred to as a “White House press release disguised as analysis at the Associated Press”) and listed some ugly economic details the AP conveniently failed to mention.!/Bfreeborn/status/485978488894005248

Unless of course Brazile's taken a turn to the Right and actually wanted to highlight the AP's bias and point out troubling economic news that runs counter to the Dem narrative. That, however, seems highly unlikely.



‘Twist in a pretzel’: Donna Brazile’s love/hate relationship with opinion polls exposed

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