Fight at Dansbury, Conn. mall sparks panic; No guns involved!/BeauBermanFOXCT/status/406595419272380418

A fight among “several kids” at a mall in Danbury, Conn., caused quite a panic Friday night, as rumors spread of a massive brawl and possibly gunshots.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton took to Twitter to calm the public.!/MayorMark/status/406587204807688193!/BeauBermanFOXCT/status/406590471553974272!/MayorMark/status/406594721054990336

Rumors of a possible gunshot had spread quickly.!/cole383/status/406577812653342720!/PatMagz/status/406576462142406656!/shmoomom/status/406578441698295808!/nAngelKhan/status/406599925204791296!/nAngelKhan/status/406601105364484096

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