How to Make Money from Fashion Blogging ft. KKarmalove

How to Make Money from Fashion Blogging ft. KKarmalove

I interview the person behind Kkarmalove, Christine Hsu, about how she started making money from fashion blogging. She has 170,00 followers on Instagram and …

  1. Matt, you should do interviews in VLAD TV format (just like this one). Not
    sure if you heard of him. This style very reminiscent of his interview

  2. Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV February 9, 2015 at 7:28 am

    Looks like shes making a porno !! lmao

  3. So this is going to be totally off topic, I’ve literally just subscribed to
    your channel and while i was watching your videos, in the back of my mind I
    was thinking this guy looks really familiar. I saw the picture of your job
    as an orientation leader and I remember you mention CSULB, so I thought
    that picture was from your orientation days at CSULB. But at the same time
    the thought was pondering that picture looks a lot like Cal Poly Pomona
    right next to the BSC, the two never connected until you said you had a
    degree also in psychology. You never said what school you got your
    Pyschology degree from. Unfortunately after a little bit of creeping, I
    discovered that you went to and were an orientation leader at Cal Poly
    Pomona. Not only that but you were one of my orientation leaders, Small

  4. Is that other dude going to be a regular feature on your podcast? 

  5. It’s ridiculous how someone can make money off reblogging some retarded
    pictures of some pointless clothing articles. We should all quit STEM and
    just become entertainers.

  6. Wow I can’t believe she didn’t look at the camera when she talked, using
    too many filling words "…like….like…like" in one sentence!

  7. Thanks for this very inspiring video! Makes me want to never give up on my
    fashion blogging 🙂 

  8. Loved this. So helpful. 

  9. Great info! Thank you both for sharing!

  10. I got question is this your ex girlfriend since u talked about how your
    last ex girlfriend was into fashion?

  11. No casting couch jokes :[ these are my friends.

  12. Can u help me with how to create instabrand

  13. She looks like you. 

  14. wow this is mind blowing, I have to share this with my friend who’s also a
    designer and fashion blogger. really enjoyed this video alot :)

  15. Maybe I live under a rock, but… Damn. Never knew people could get paid
    via Instagram. Good video, man. Big fan of your stuff! Maybe work on
    flowing your questions better, when you do more interviews. I think the
    niche of "innovative ways to be successful" is your thing.

  16. Very informative, I honestly didn’t know. But this is awesome, great video
    and good idea. Keep the good work up man! I’ll follow you 

  17. Becoming a fashion blogger, this video was very very helpful. Thank you so
    much for the upload!! Greatly appreciate it. :)

  18. meanwhile, i’m sitting here studying and worrying about improving my
    knowledge and skills.
    when there’s talentless and sometimes dumb people making money in the most
    ridiculous and pointless ways……………

  19. Wow that’s an impressive amount of work that she’s out into Instagram.

    I’m really enjoying the style of your new videos, Matt

  20. casting couch joke xD

  21. i didn’t know that, thats kinda cool 

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