Ladies, woman-beater Chris Brown has a Valentine’s Day message for you!/AlexWhiteChapel/status/434298976570208256

Here we go again. Happy Valentine's Day from woman-beating miscreant Chris Brown:!/chrisbrown/status/434298508745519104

And the Team Breezy swoons begin:!/ziallftbreezy/status/434311841570119680!/niecybreezy/status/434305203173879808

Reminder: The lowlife singer likes to show his “love and appreciation” for women with his fists.!/mylifeisdelish/status/434299848498896896

Happy VD back atcha, Chris:!/_DaltMorrissey/status/434308974662680576!/donnaz9/status/434299184481832960!/HenryBemis1/status/434301691916058627!/AlexWhiteChapel/status/434298976570208256

Bet he doesn't like it when he's the punching bag.


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