‘Our democracy is being stolen,’ claims Eric Holder

The light hit a tear on President Obama's facelast February as he bid farewell to former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who managed to hang around well after he announced his departure from the White House and still lingers around politics like that party guest who just won't take a hint.

Holder, who left behind a steaming pile of “unfinished business” that thankfully remains unfinished, slipped out on a number of brewing scandals while leading the president to declare that“America has become a better country” because of his service.

You'd never know that America had become a better country by countingthe number of chips on Obama's shoulders, and apparently Holder believes that “new voter ID laws” have made elections much worse.

We can't think of a line that the federal government hasn't managed to make ridiculously longer than it needs to be, but the logicalstretchfrom long lines to “democracy being stolen” is well into strain territory. Even Joe Scarborough is tired of hearing it.

So the highest voter turnout in Wisconsin since 1980 is proof that democracy is in crisis and people are being denied the right to vote?

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