Roseanne Barr: Paul Ryan ‘feasts on the blood of children’!/TheRealRoseanne/status/241007650035343360

Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate Roseanne Barr tweeted this gem from her “comedy” account and not her official campaign account, so… it's a joke? It's honestly hard to tell anymore.

@TheRealRoseanne Hahaha get a grip Roseanne. You're coming unhinged babydoll.

— Leah (@oooitsleah) August 30, 2012

@TheRealRoseanne Is he going to cry?

— Johnny Argent (@JohnnyArgent) August 30, 2012

@JohnnyArgent he is going to cry when Satan has his rump for pleasure whilst he and Mitt are burning in hellfire for eternity!

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) August 30, 2012

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