Going Back To School Can Be Awesome… If You See These Hilarious Fails.

It’s almost that time, kids. Yes, I know, I am not looking forward to it either. Back to school is one of the most miserable times of the year for kids. They have to get their back to school supplies and get ready for another year of boring and uninteresting lectures from teachers. Hopefully, your kids (whether they’re grown or just itty bitty) don’t go to one of these schools or shop at any of these stores. You’ll see why below…

Brace yourselves. Because the people behind these fails should probably be going back to school as well. 

1.) Bus…. Store?

2.) I hope not!

3.) Safety first, I guess.

4.) Come to school in style.

5.) Oh jeez!

6.) I hope they are chefs!

7.) *facepalm*

8.) Someone should sign that person up.

9.) To help you get through any school year.

10.) Who would want that book bag even without the spelling fail?

11.) Maybe they need it for anatomy class.

12.) I hope they got to school in time.

13.) I’d rather not attend.

14.) How did you not see that one?

15.) I hope this wasn’t their field trip.

16.) Hah!

17.) Your kid’s new favorite racially insensitive super hero!

18.) That’s why they needed the second “n.”

19.) Never said it was a good difference.

20.) No one will notice.

21.) You’re better than that, Mr. Langa.

22.) The school bus is moving.

23.) At least they are a very welcoming group.

24.) What kind of school are they going to?

25.) Your parents apparently never told you to spell correctly.

26.) Please learn to spell, people.

27.) It’s only fair.

28.) I bet they got a ticket for that one.

29.) Hey, a sale is a sale.

I think some of those people should be the ones going back to school. On the bright side, it’s never too late to consider home-schooling your kids. Share this post if it made you shake your head and question everything we learn in school. Because… yikes.

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