One more reason to love Mia Love: bacon chocolate chip cookies!/MiaBLove/status/297471753700118528

So, what’s Mia Love been up to lately? Most recently, she’s been serving up bacon chocolate chip cookies and wisely posting photographic proof that such things exist.

I’m so going to make @miablove‘s bacon chocolate chip cookies. My hubby loves bacon.

— Andrea Chapman (@STL_Blonde) February 2, 2013

Wait, baking for your husband? What is up with you wingnuts! That’s the kind of talk that loses elections. On the plus side, you get cookies.

Here’s the recipe for those bacon chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy!

— Mia Love (@MiaBLove) February 2, 2013

Just Realized Why I’m Madly In Love with Mia RT @miablove: Here’s the recipe for those bacon (cont)

— Paratisi (@Paratisi) February 3, 2013

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