Sen. Hirono: SCOTUS ruling lets bosses restrict women’s health decisions

Sigh. They just can’t stop lying.!/MrRicReyes/status/483703406679171072



Wendy Davis: SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby decision ‘restrict(s) access to birth control’

Democrat talking point: GOP candidates want to ‘block birth control’

Sen. Kay Hagan: ‘A woman’s right to contraception shouldn’t be up for debate’

Lena Dunham weighs in on SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby ruling

Paul Begala’s ‘dumb’ spin on how Hobby Lobby ruling ‘is a winner for you’ is a loser

Rep. Jared Polis shows off Common Core math in critique of Hobby Lobby decision; Updated

‘Heap pissed off’! Elizabeth ‘Lie-awatha’ Warren ‘can’t believe’ Hobby Lobby outcome

‘Clueless or lying’: Sandra Fluke ‘purposefully ignoring’ fact in Hobby Lobby decision


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