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No, George Takei, this is not how you get money out of politics

http://twitter.com/#!/alanrice33/status/521783290789773312 No, indeed: Help @maydayUS raise another $15K so they can help clean up congress. @OrmanForSenate! http://t.co/x3Vo8TIuyi pic.twitter.com/0tQlYVPvRa — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) ...

In case you missed it: Anti-American PSY bombs in Super Bowl pistachios ad

http://twitter.com/#!/RivalSummers/status/298259629257924609 We’re happy to report that anti-American Korean rapper PSY’s 15 minutes are just about up. And not a second too soon. Psy for Pistachios was our low point as a planet so far. ...

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